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ODEON JOB OFFER apprentice team member

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    Got a call from the manager at the odean offering me a job as an apprentice team member at the odean, has anyone worked here before doing this job? the pay is national minimum wage.
    What do you have to do as a team member here


    Congratulations on securing a place on the ODEON Team Member Apprenticeship Open Day on Tuesday 26th June. You are required at the ------ ODEON at 10 a.m in the Bar Area.


    If you are struggling to find it on the day or are going to be late (try not to be), please ring this number ----------------- and let ------------ know.

    You must come with the following:

    · Dressed smartly – (Shirt and dark trousers recommended for men, a full suit is not necessary. Dark skirt/trousers with a smart top recommended for Women)

    · You must bring an updated C.V printed out with all your contact details on

    · Please make sure you do some research on the ODEON - -----------

    · You may also want to look at some of the history behind the Cinema.-------
    · Think about why you would be an excellent choice for this position.

    The open day will last approximately 2 hours and will consist of the following

    · Registration

    · Introduction & icebreakers

    · Presentation on ODEON

    · Presentation on Apprenticeships

    · Break out groups – interview techniques/ questions

    · ‘What next?’ and close

    It is an excellent opportunity with a chance to work in one of the largest Cinema chains in Europe!

    Please reply to this email with your name and a ‘YES’ to confirm you will be attending the Open Day. Alternatively ring me on-------------- to confirm or discuss why you may not be able to attend.

    Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you at the Open Day.

    Kind regards,

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    I would love to work in a cinema. It would be my dream job after doctor. Sorry completely irrelevant.
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    any advice anyone?
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    You don't have a job offer from what I can make out.

    You have an open day, like a meet and greet/ getting to know you/ assessment centre type thing.

    I'm guessing there will be you and other potential team members so just be yourself, be relaxed, smile, chat, listen and ask questions. Do your homework on odeon too seeing as this is something they've asked for specifically.
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    As was said - it isn't a job offer. You go along, they tell you more about the job, you let them see more of you, then things get more towards possible jobs.


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