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Should I Be Annoyed?

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    Basically, today in our lesson before lunch, we had French. It was our teacher's last lesson, so he gave us sweets, but he gave me a big bag of crisps as I was diabetic and that was the smallest bag he could find.

    So, at lunch I was eating this bag of crisps on the field, when a teacher (who was on duty), shouted for shouting "oi,oi,oi", I didn't respond as I used the word "oi", I presumed it was some other pupil, and I didn't respond as "oi" is in my opinion, I very rude word to say to someone, I belive it's a deragotive term that makes people feel like second class citizens, it is pointed out that it was a teacher calling my name, when I turn around he comments "you need to get your bloody ears tested", he says next time he says "oi" to me, I have to listen and he makes me put my crisps in my bag. He says I have to go and finish them in the canteen, if I want to eat them (which would've resulted me queing for 10 minutes), he says if he sees my eating he will take them away from me. Later, loads of kids walk by him, eating food/drink, he does nothing. He even actually had a conversation with kids with food/drink less than 5 minutes later.

    Do I have the right to feel annoyed? Can I actually have a reason to complain?
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    Definitely, I would be furious. If he spoke to some other kids and said nothing about them eating then I would go an complain about him to a teacher who likes you. Also tell them about the oi thing and what he said when you didnt respond.
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    You do havee the right to be annoyed, what a nonsensical teacher


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Updated: June 22, 2012
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