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A levels

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    My problem: For my AS levels I took Physics, Biology, Economics and History. I really enjoy economics and history but as the year progressed less so biology as I struggled to achieve the B I want. And I just dislike physics now so I was always going to drop that anyway. I wanted to fast track geography and drop biology and physics but my school has basically said no. They've put on the table the option of resitting year 12, which I am against. I'm just in need of some guidance. Do I continue history, economics and biology, in likelihood of another resit in one module in history or economics to get that A or B, on top of an already decided biology resit to boost up my D or resit the year which I really am not in favour off ATM.


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    Firstly it depends on if you're going to university and if you are what course you want to do. Look it up and see which subjects help most.

    Secondly I'd suggest dropping physics and biology if you don't like them, and taking fast track geography at a college near you as well as economics and history in your school. That means you don't have to retake the year, and generally colleges are quite cool about you doing that sort of thing.
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    Yes I think university is the only thing I want to do after school, of which I'd want to study economics and maybe a joint with some other social science subject. Well my dad has indicated that fast tracking at college is a no go as its quite a distance to my nearest one.

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    I went to a small school so a lot of people didn't get their first choices for subjects because of the time tables. If you aren't prepared to retake the year you might have to make some sacrifices. Just got with whatever option you think best. if you can;t decide, chose two options, flip a coin between them and if you are happy with the outcome you chose it, if you are unhappy with the coin toss you know which option you'd rather take.

    I hope it goes well


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Updated: June 23, 2012
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