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IB Dilemma! :(

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    So I was originally planning to take English, History and geography at HL as these are the subjects I enjoy the most and am quite good at and then Maths, French B and biology at SL...
    I got a call today saying that history and Geograohy are in the same block and so I have to choose to do one or the other...I initially chose history because I enjoy it more, however I'm really gutted I can't do Geograohy because I thought I had a good chance of scoring highly on it....that means at I had to move biology to HL and I now have to decide to either take another language ( don't really wanna do) another science ( definitely don't wanna do) or take classic civilisation which actually seems quite good fitting in with history however they're not sure this will be running and if it doesn't il be forced to take another language!

    Sorry for the long post, just can anyone suggest any advice on many altering my choices?
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    You want to do my subjects

    HL geography is ****. It really is. Do Class Civ. I did GCSE CC and got an A with very little work and because CC will be a SBS (school based syllabus) it'll be very well taught. Don't do French B do an ab initio


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Updated: June 21, 2012
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