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What are those small little things you enjoy in life?

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    Hi TSR,

    We all know things like flash cars/big houses that peoplpe buy to male themselves happy, however what are those small things that really satisfy you, even if they are completely worthless and small?

    For me:

    • The warm air that hits you as you get off a plane in a warm country
    • getting all the peel of an orange in one go
    • swirling your knife around in a new tub of butter and making faces/pictures
    • walking down what would be a busy road at three in the morning when it's completely silent
    • the feel of pages in a book
    • running your fingers along an iron fence, or better a stick and making that noise

    I will add more when I think of them. I was just interested if anybody had any similar ppleasures, or any completey different ones? Here's the place to share!

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    Forever alone:moon:
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    I love holding hands with my husband when we walk to town or through the park.
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    Bubble Baths
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    i love getting packages in the post
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    (Original post by AspiringGenius)
    The feel of pages in a book
    Oooh a new oxford notebook :drool:
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    When you wake up really tired, then check the time and realise you have like two hours left to sleep
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    When you find out your favourite meal is for dinner.
    It just brightens up your whole day.
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    A cold beer on a warm day with my mates.
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    (Original post by dean01234)
    Oooh a new oxford notebook :drool:
    I work in a stationery shop :love:
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    Not having to wipe...
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    When you've written on paper and after, you can feel the dents from the writing on the other side - hard to explain
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    Waking up at 4/5 in the morning, actually feeling awake and just looking out of the window for a little while, admiring how quiet and peaceful things are when no one's around.
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    When a bus actually comes on time.
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    Your own bed after coming back from holiday.

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    My penis
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    (Original post by Obadetona)
    When you wake up really tired, then check the time and realise you have like two hours left to sleep

    Like this, right?

    I know that feeling.
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    When my mum brings me chocolate milk when I'm revising/doing homework.
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    Jelly Belly air fresheners
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    (Original post by Id and Ego seek)
    When your mum brings me chocolate milk when I'm revising/doing homework.
    She's always doing that with other people. She never brings me any

    Edit: You spotted the grammatical error


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