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Liking a girl more than she likes me

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    So I am just looking for some advice because I am hung up over a girl...

    So I have kind of liked a girl since october last year, however never thought of her as more of a friend because she went out with a good friend of mine for a month ish and was then "off limits". But we started getting closer and closer, and people started to notice it. One night (back in february) out we were the banter, everyone was kind of nudging us closer etc. Nothing happens that night but we meet up the next night to talk...

    She says that she has feelings for me more than just as a friend and I agreed, but she said that she wasn't sure enough of her feelings to risk our friendship at that moment plus my friend (who went out with her) still apparently liked her. So we agreed to wait.

    But as time went on, more and more people, about once a week, would go to her and say they liked her. (Bit of background, we go to boarding school with 65-35 boys to girls) For some reason everyone seems to like her. She is very innocent, but her friendlyness is taken by many for flirting, she is quite good looking and has a great personality.

    So it was never the "right time" because it would hurt someone if we started going out. She always said she still liked me, but told me to move on if I wanted to. But then one person who is also a great friend of mine says he likes her (there are no hard feelings between us though). However she feels something for him as well.

    Anyway a couple of weeks ago she asks to meet up with me and says that she had been doing a lot of thinking recently about me and the friend. She says she feels the same way about both of us; there is something more than friendship there, and she thinks there always will be, but not enough for a relationship and she told me to move on.

    Straight away she goes on as normal, as if nothing had happened but I felt that I couldn't just carry on, things had really changed. I tried to get her to know that this was really important for me, by ignoring texts, being slightly awkward in person etc. But after a while I gave up, missed her and she is impossible to be awkward around.

    Thing is I really like her. She is the first girl I have really felt this way about, physical stuff is practically the least of my worries, I haven't met anyone like her before. I haven't had that many serious relationships, mostly just one night meaningless stuff. I have been expecting a relationship at some point for the last 3-4 months, all my friends have said that they were just waiting for it to happen too, I was happy to wait because she was worth it so I was pretty shook up when that collapsed.

    So I don't know what to do. I can't ignore her, can't move on because of lack of girls to rebound too. I could just do with some advice, guys if you have managed to get over someone you like a lot, how? Girls any advice at all! Sorry the post is really long, just wanted to get it all out.... Thanks in advance.


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Updated: June 21, 2012
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