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EU Bloc - Statement from the Secretariat debate

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    Upon conclusion of the EU Syria debate, the Secretariat issues the following statement. We welcome debate and changes to this statement which we will release after a vote:

    Statement from the Secretariat
    The EU is united in expressing its horror and disgust at the continued and worsening situation in Syria. Though we are yet to come to policy regarding the use of military intervention, we call for further sanctions against the Assad regime. We urge the Security Council to do more to bring the bloodshed to a halt and urge Assad to allow urgently needed aid into Syria.
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    The Czech Republic supports this statement. We believe that it may also be good to mention that Syria should be temporarily excluded from the WFTZ.
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    Such a statement is much overdue and should have been addressed right at the start of the EU's founding. Sorting out the free trade such have taken second place. Nonetheless Latvia supports.
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    The United Kingdom supports wholeheartedly and echoes Latvia's comment that Syria should be made a top priority for EU foreign policy.
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    Tunisia supports this statement, and is delighted to announce that the Arab League is currently in the process of forming a commitee to develop a solution to the Syrian problem, advancing on our already implemented sanctions and peacekeeping force.
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    Slovenia supports this statement


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Updated: June 24, 2012
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