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Anyone joining Semmelweis Egyetem, Faculty of Medicine 2012 in Budapest, Hungary?

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    Hi! I'm from the UK originally and currently live in Dubai and am about to move to Budapest to study Medicine at Semmelweis Egyetem.

    I was wondering if anyone else is also joining this university? Or know anyone currently studying there?
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    I am a graduate radiographer with a second class honours degree and an A in physics. I am currently crashing higher chemistry and biology before applying to do Medici in Hungary. As there are no signs of entry requirements I was wondering do you know any criteria for this course? Also did you have to sit your entrance eexam in Hungary or UK?
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    Requirements to get in are quite basic, you must have completed high school, obviously, and further studies allows you to apply for exemption from the entrance exam depending on the grades. I studied Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A level, so fortunately, I didn't do an entrance exam.

    Perhaps with your current degree, you also wouldn't need to. The university has representatives in lots of countries so you would be able to sit the exam in the UK.

    Hope this is helpful
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    Thanks! If you don't mind me asking what grades did you achieve for these? I'm hoping I will be exempt from the entry exam it doesn't look too tough though tbh. Also with regards to fees ect I take it there is no funding from the government an just total payment each semester.
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    Hello I am studying in Macdaniel college now and I want to come and study in Semmelweis and I want to study medicine ,, I am teling u this because ,, I think I need ur help ,, like I need to do Entrance exam in April ,, and I am looking for the past papers of Entrance exam of Semmelweis ,,So I can organise my studies better ,, Do u have them ??
    or do u know where I can find them ??
    do u have any other guide for me for the entrance exam ??
    please answer because it is really important for me


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