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How to turn a 3rd into a 2:1 university

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    I've just finished second year of university and I know my exams didn't go to well reasons including lectures making exam extremely hard and saying one thing and putting in another.

    Worst case scenario if I get 45% overall in second year which is a 3rd what would I need to get a 2:1 overall? which is 60-69% bearing in mind third year is 60% of the final grade and 2nd year is 40% of the final grade. What formula should I use to work it out.

    I don't need to know the percentages to know it is virtually impossible but i will try my hardest to get as high as I can.
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    (Original post by razzza)
    how did you work that out please?
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    (Original post by hkorantneg)
    how did you work that out please?
    0.45x0.4 (you got 45%, its worth 40%) + 0.6x (next year is worth 60% and x is the % you need) =0.6 (60% so 2:1)


    0.45x0.4 + 0.6x = 0.6

    x=0.7=70% (assuming that 1st year is worth 0%?)
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    you want 60% total
    work out first year actual percentage at 40% of your grade 45 x 0.4 = 18%
    your goal minus what you already have 60-18=42%
    final year actual percentage at 60% 42/0.6=70%
    not great at explaining things, hope this helps


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Updated: June 22, 2012
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