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Facebook....is it becoming less popular??

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    (Original post by sil3nt_cha0s)
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    I want to delete my Facebook but I have this strong feeling of not 'being able to' cos I have 1000+ photos I am tagged in from Uni. Also when I start back at my new Uni I'll have more photos to be tagged in.

    I really want to delete it.

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    I think more and more people are realising its faults and whinging about them but I don't really see that many people actually deactivating their accounts (apart from a few weeks during exam seasons)
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    A lot of people are becoming frustrated with the number of people 'sharing' their own profile picture to get 100+ likes, and posting fascinating statuses such as "A bird just hit my window, lol ". I think the older teenagers are swaying toward Twitter, as you're not constantly worrying if you'll get likes/comments, while the younger kids are happy on Facebook as it's more interactive.

    I personally am getting fed up with Facebook, especially as it mostly consists of people whining that they'll "never drink again" or that "Facebook is so boring now". Of course, the most painful is the classic "Someone new talk, I'm bored". It's actually starting to lose its procrastinating potential, as there's simply nothing new going on.

    Sadly, a lot of events and gatherings are organised on Facebook.
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    (Original post by f1mad)

    No, not really. You can't replace "postal service" and "phone calls", but you can replace a social network.

    Facebook isn't a necessity and certainly not the face of identity for the web.
    What is it, other than another method of communication?
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    Still have it and use it, but mainly just to check events and organise things.
    Hardly ever post/update anything there, more to keep in contact with people that live a fair distance away.
    Stopped using it so much when they tried to fix what wasn't broken, by changing profiles, and adding and tweaking features that were fine anyway.
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    I still have my facebook although I only use it to organise things with my friends and for uploading pictures of events.
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    It's all about Google+ these days!

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    (Original post by daniigrace)
    I still have my facebook although I only use it to organise things with my friends and for uploading pictures of events.
    Me too! I prefer Twitter now!

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    (Original post by blueray)

    Says it all really

    #IDeleteAnyoneOnFacebookWhoUsesH ashtagsIrrelevantly
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    (Original post by levellingmcs)
    Me too! I prefer Twitter now!
    Me too, its easier all my friends have it
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    I've gone off Facebook too. I'm only keeping it until I graduate next year just so I can easily contact course-mates to discuss assignments and revision!
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    I think so, not so many people use it any more.
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    I've got one, don't use it anywhere near as much as I used to and it's mainly for events and getting pictures after a night out. I've noticed there's less activity whenever I'm on there (though my younger cousin who's 15 has loads going on with his). I think a lot of people are outgrowing it now, the same as sites like Bebo, Faceparty and Myspace


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