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    I am in the process a filling in a local authority application
    form for a Social Work post. I have a couple of queries that someone may
    be able to help me with:
    1. Do my references have to be one from placement and one academic, ie
    personal tutor?
    2. I am applying for a post in children's services, my preferred
    choice, however my final placement was in adult services, do I use the
    referee from my final placement in adult services or the referee from
    my second year placement in children's services as it is more relevant
    to the job?

    I would appreciate any guidance as I am torn because when I discussed
    my experience with a Service
    Manager his response was "that's a shame, you
    will have to rely on children's placement experience"
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    Talk to the HR department of the LA you're applying to. Mine prefer most recent work experience, so I put both my practice assessors down as referees (though when one went on long-term sick they were happy to accept an academic reference instead). Luckily I had two placements in Children's Services and was applying to a Children's Services job, so there was no question of relevance. Personally, I don't see why where you had your placement would be a problem anyway, unless both were non-stat. A lot of NQSWs have one placement working with adults and one with children and families. They manage to get jobs in their chosen field at the end of it as they sell their transferable skills and what they learnt from the less relevant placement really well.
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    Hi, thanks I now have a job offer and they have asked for the contact details of both my recent adult placement and my C&F placement so I suppose they'll choose what they want


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