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Bank problems...why do I have to suffer

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    I am moving into a new flat, actually just down the street from where I currently live. I had to pay six months in advance as I don't have a job here in the UK.
    I have paid (Tuesday) from my foreign account, the bank told me it would go through to the recepient Thursday or Friday (today).
    I have paid 500 pounds to 'hold' it and have signed the contract. The agent for the new flat told me I can't move in and get the keys before all the funds are IN their account. They use NatWest whom are now experiencing "computer problems" so he says he cannot check to see if the money is in. I have sent him a receipt from my bank confirming that the amount left me account Tuesday. Yet still he says I can't get the keys before tomorrow.
    It's really frustrating. It takes time to move, and I need to have it done this weekend as I'm going back home Sunday or Monday. Also I need to have my current flat cleaned and ready to move out tomorrow, my agent for THIS flat is really pushing me for it. So I'm in a rush and had really arranged to move flats today. My contract also says the new flat is mine from June 20th (two days ago).

    Should I push for it, to get the keys today? I have confirmation that the 6 months payment + deposit has left my account and I have paid a holding deposit. It's going to be super difficult for me to wait until tomorrow.
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    Oh and also...to get a reference from my previous agent I had to make many same day transfers with PayPal and I ended up paying 50 pounds in extra fees to have it done the same day so that I could get to move in today. i just find it unfair and wonder if I can argue..


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Updated: June 22, 2012
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