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    Hi yay i got into uwe gloucester and start in September!!!!! Anyone else? oh and im studing adult nursing
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!

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    Hiya, I start UWE Gloucester adult nursing in sept too!! Had unconditional for glenside bristol but decided to change to Gloucester as I live in the middle of both, but Gloucester is easier to get to (traffic in Bristol is horrendous!). I'm really excited... how u feeling? Have u had your bursary stuff through yet? Whats the campus like? (not been there yet!) xx
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    hi, im so excited but very nervous, i havent been to glos too but did ring the other week and ask to visit? but was told to wait for an open day. i need to sort my bursary etc etc (so much to do), i had my interview at glenside too and was made an offer on the day then they asked me if i wanted to go to gloucester as thats were i lived.its going to be so much easier and i didnt fancy all the Bristol traffic.
    hopefully gloucester will have an open day soon so we can visit!
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    Hi Melissa, sorry for late reply, been away! Have u got the timetable yet? its really confusing, doesn't say when placement is and doesn't say which groups we are in (1 or 2)? I suppose it will all become clear eventually!! lol..... getting closer, I'm sooooooo excited!


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Updated: August 9, 2012
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