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Sixth Form Captain Application Help

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    Hey everyone!
    So basically it's come to the time where everyone is allowed to apply for Captain/Prefect roles.
    My sixth form is also a senior school and I am unfortunatly an external student who came form another school and joined the sixth form this year.
    Because I've only been at the school a year I have not been able to help the school in any way, so I just wanted your help in ideas for what I could write.

    In my previous school I was head of the school council and also a senior prefect, so I am capable for the role.
    I study Further Maths, Drama, Chemistry and ICT. I have helped my friends with their maths work previously, but was not an offical mentor, so I wondered if I could include this

    Any help would be appreciated, I copied the email we got sent today to give you and idea of the role.


    Key responsibilities:
    • To act as a student representative between the Sixth Formers and staff at the school
    • To take a leading role in the running of the Sixth Form Centre, especially overseeing the order of the Learning Zone and the Common Room
    • To arrange key social events for the Sixth Form during the academic year
    • To coordinate all the Leavers arrangements at the end of Year 13; to organise in detail the Prom, the Sixth Form yearbook and leavers hoddies
    • To coordinate the annual Christmas assembly in the Sixth Form
    • To assist Sharon and Tracey in the canteen and to see that it runs smoothly
    • To work closely with the Director of Sixth Form and his team, assisting at school events and with Sixth Form administrative task, such as the Beyond 18 process
    • To act as a representative at the School & Sixth Form Open Evening
    • To work with the other Captains within the school (School, Games, Music)
    • To coordinate the Leavers Assembly, breakfast and balloon in June of Year 13
    • To meet at least every two weeks
    • To help raise standards of Teaching and Learning in the Sixth Form

    Application Process:
    • All students in the Sixth Form are able to apply
    • Any student who applied to be School Captain is also able to apply
    • Please complete 1 side of A4 (no more) explaining why you would like to be a Sixth Form Captain and what you have done for the school in 2011/12 – this must be e-mailed by 12noon on Wednesday 27th June – shortlisting will take place that afternoon for interview the following day.
    • Brief interviews will take place on Thursday 28th June in the afternoon


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Updated: June 22, 2012
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