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Have you ever tried this in your Resume?

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    (Original post by music788)
    You're missing the point. If a recruiter notices what you've done, i.e. trying to 'grab' their attention by putting 'Sheffield Business School' (even if technically correct like you say), they will take that as an indication that you feel you lack the sufficient academic background for the job and are trying to make up for it in some way. And, for all the recruiter knows, you may have done something similar on other parts of your CV.
    Agreed! Assuming the interviewer/HR department would know the difference, any attempt to pull a fast one by implying University of Sheffield = Sheffield Hallam won't go down too well. Also, regardless of the pseudo-autonomy given to business schools, their degree awarding powers are nearly always held by the university, so it'd still say Sheffield Hallam on it. In which case, OP would be in deep!


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