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Rude Bitchy Jobcentre Woman

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    I was signing off because I have a job, I had an expense that I was claiming back from an interview that i had with the jobcentre back in april.


    I asked her if I could claim it back as it was a long time...she then treated me like a child, with no please or thankyou's involved in the conversation. She said "Why did it take you so long?" in an abrupt manner with no smiles whatsoever. I said I'm sorry and she ignored me and said abruptly "Fill that out on there" I did that, and then gave it her back, she said "I need your full name" I said "i'm sorry for being a nuisance" She said, "just fill that out over there"

    I then was told to sit at the chairs to wait.

    I waited and was called to sit down at the desk, while i was there, i overheard her talking about me with the security where she was all this time anyway. Talking about me and laughing and looking back at me, and then the security man responded to her "I wouldn't be bothering with 3 pound 90" then laughed again and she looked and he looked at me.

    I feel the talking about me and my circumstances was rude. That amount of money is alot to me. Not one smile was given by her, or even a please or even my name actually when ushering me.
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    You get people like that :/

    I spoke to a woman at the job center over the phone and she was very rude, almost shouting at us down the phone and even gave us the wrong advice If I got hold of her name, I would have complained about her manner, I mean seriously, she was horrible. £3.90 is a lot to me too-that's like 2 bags of pasta and sauce-a couple of days food! (love being poor xD)


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