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Everybody says go to uni single? did you ?

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    I am with a great guy he's 24 got a great job, hes funny treats me amazingly at first i didnt feel much for him becuase it was just dating and I guess it was just based on looks at first and i do find him attractive but he's not my usual type not what id say wow drop dead gorgous. But over the months ive fallen head over heels for him. He is my best friend and I respect everything about him can see myself with him long term.

    However all my friends say to me dont go to uni with a bf I start in september I am no way in hell breaking up with this guy jsut for uni i full intend to stay with him.

    But why do people say go to uni single? do relationships flop?
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    People seem to think it's going to be some massive orgy where everybody is beautiful and you wake up to casual sex.

    People who break up for it are stupid, why would you throw away something with somebody you love, for the hope you might get a bit of sex?
    It's scary how much of this I've seen around my college and all the couples splitting up (even my ex left me for this type of ****, after 4 ****ing years!)
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    I was in a relationship prior to university. Years later, we're still together - and I had a great time at uni. Uni is what you make of it, being in a relationship has very little bearing on your enjoyment. There might occasionally be times when you may have to choose between a night out with mates or a night in with your partner, but it's not particularly hard to balance.

    The only reason relationships flop is because of the long distance - and usually the lack of effort of one half of a couple.
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    You'd be silly to break up before IMO, just see how it goes.

    That said, I know a hell of a lot of relationships that failed and people that were unfaithful in the first few weeks, sometimes people get caught up in the excitement of being away from home, being surrounded by entirely new people, constant nights out etc.


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