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    What did you think of the storage? Too small? Did you manage or was it a bit of a struggle with books, clothes etc?

    Thank youuu
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    (Original post by chrisssssss)
    What did you think of the storage? Too small? Did you manage or was it a bit of a struggle with books, clothes etc?

    Thank youuu
    There's definitely not enough room for clothes but if you buy under-bed storage boxes you can fit loads of stuff under your bed, and the desk space is good for storing things. Just be selective with th stuff you actually bring to uni!
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    When I went to the open day Mason looked really good, and also really expensive. There looked like there wasn't that much room in the cupboards/closet for clothes but the desk space was massive and like the other poster said; under your bed! When/if I go next year I think i'm definitely going to go in cheaper halls even though I could theoretically get into Mason. 7 and a half grand on meal plan! U mad.
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    Stayed in Mason last year, storage wasn't great, but its not brilliant in most halls. You can fit a surprising amount of stuff under your bed too.
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    i do not find the storage for clothes in the virtual tour on website...
    where is it ???
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    You have just over a doors width for clothes, 3 large draws and 2 bedside table kinda things with 2 shelves.
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    (Original post by The Nosy Gecko)
    U mad.
    Hahaha do you misc.?


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Updated: July 18, 2012
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