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Best camping torch!

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    Can anyone please recommend me an excellent camping torch? (I'm a bit of a newbie at this)?

    What are the main specs I should look out for?
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    Basically anything from Surefire.
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    for general camping, any torch will do really, it just helps you see in the dark... But, personally I would get a headtorch as it's a lot easier for use when setting up camp in the dark.

    Alpkit do a very cheap but good headtorch called the gamma. Or if you want to spend a bit more money, any of the headtorches from the petzl range are pretty decent.
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    I'm a flashaholic and I would personally recommend the following lights.

    1. Fenix TK 70 - 2200 Lumens of light and a 720 meter throw. It has a good runtime and takes 4 non lithium D cells.

    2. Olight SR95 UT (UT meaning ultimate thrower) This light has 1050 lumens of light and a throw of 820 meters. Again takes D batteries.

    3. Maxabeam - 12.5 million candle power and a throw of around 5 miles. Battery life isn't as good as the above but it's definitely a light to be reckoned with.

    You should definitely have a torch with a output of more that 1000 lumens and don't bother with it if it is not cree.

    Look at candle power forums for more help
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    People camp with claymores and c4
    What the hell do you need a torch for?

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    id recommend taking a wind up one as a back up whatever you decide... every time i use a torch it seems to be dead or dying :|
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    The Iphone 4S light is pretty decent. Helped me countless number of times when i have been out in the dark


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Updated: August 18, 2012
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