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Help with first motorcycle, 125cc

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    I've just passed my CBT and am looking for a 125cc motorcycle. I have a maximum of £1,500 to spend on it. I'd prefer a classic style motorcycle (think something like the Triumph Bonneville in style). Any recommendations?

    I'm currently looking at a Yamaha SR 125 Custom that's going for about £1,000. Anyone have any experience with this? I did my CBT on a YBR, if anyone can compare them at all.


    Edit: A photograph of the SR 125 I'm looking at.

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    Motorbike society (in spoiler) might help
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    Just don't buy a chinese copy and you'll be fine, all the japanese single cylinder 4 strokers are good, the honda CG125 sold in massive numbers and there are loads of them around, which means second hand bits are cheap and easy to get hold of, making them ultra cheap to run.

    Like all bike's, if you look after them they last, if you don't, they fall apart or start smoking, so stick to jap and make sure whatever you buy it's at least had regular oil changes. Note that motorcycle services are more often than not DIY jobbies, so you have to trust the seller alot sometimes....

    Don't buy a bike from a gentlemen who speaks out of the side of his mouth and tells you how fast he can get it to go as a selling point.

    2 strokes are more fun but can be troublesome. Simple to fix / rebuild but most barrels are nikasil plated these days making smokers expensive to repair.

    Finally, just to reiterate. DO NOT BUY A CHINESE COPY. They really are that bad.
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    I have the Yamaha YBR 125 2010 model in red and black now. I've had it 2 years now and it has been great. I've done about 5600 miles on it from brand new with no trouble but, recently after a journey to cambridge and back from london my engine light is on and the bike has no power when i pull the throttle and idles so low it cuts out!
    Gonna take it in. has anyone experienced similar or have any advice?

    Apart from the engine prob, I highly recommend the bike. Its quick, light, comfortable and easy to ride. The build quality is also alot higher than the cbr's.


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Updated: August 8, 2012
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