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Thomson (TUI) Holiday Rep Application Help Please

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    Hello everyone first of all apologizes if this is in the wrong forum but was wondering if someone would be able to help me with a few questions and weather or not my answer are suitable?

    Please outline your salary expectation for this role below:

    Answer - Approximately £350 per month.

    Please outline your experience of promoting/selling products and or services.

    Answer - My experience of promoting/selling products and or services was while working at Tesco where I promoted various items at my till and persuaded customers to buy the item. I also have experience at promoting products over the internet by selling website development packages, hosting packages and also website domain names.

    What would you consider to be your most independent achievement to date?

    Answer - Completing my BTEC Travel and Tourism course as well as getting my GCSE English has been my most independent achievement to date. I worked hard throughout the year to achieve these qualifications in order to try and secure my future for my career aspersions to become a holiday rep.

    Please provide a time when you have delivered excellent customer service?

    Answer - When I worked for Tesco, I was dealing with one customer who was clearly having a bad day. Even though she was really short and rude with me, I continued to smiled. Afterwards when I took my lunch break I noticed that the customer was having some trouble with her car and a flat type. I then proceeded to help her and changed the tire for her which she was extremely grateful for because I went out of my way to help her.

    Many thanks in advance for your kind help it is really appreciated.

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    Anyone shed any ideas?


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