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    I'm looking to potentially set up an online shop and post some creative writing work online in the near future, but I want a creative, non-specific name!

    I've seen a few online names that I quite like, but they are already taken up by some other people (hence how I have seen them ). The names I like are:
    Perfect Heaven
    Beautiful Ruin
    All the Hellos
    Midnight Adrenaline

    I think these names are poetic, so I'm looking for a light-hearted (preferably a bit feminine) name to use in the online community that is non-specific to writing or business so I can use it for both, using it as a pseudo-nym almost.

    Thanks for the help
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    Cross My Heart

    Warm & Wit

    Pippa's Peach

    Unexpected Items

    Luton Eyes


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Updated: June 23, 2012
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