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Will three hours a week be enough?

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    Hi Fellow drivers,

    So Ive had around 24 hours driving now and passed my theory first time! Anyway I spoke to my instructor about booking my test and he said I should book it for around the 17th-25th July.

    Moving on, I only have at this current moment of time £120 towards my car fund which I am going to put around £100 a week away. The reason I am asking if three hours is enough is because most of the time I pay for a block of five which costs me £85 (£17 per lesson) and then have the five hours over the week so usually two 2 hour sessions then either I pay my next £85 and have 6 hours free etc.

    I have been doing some calculations and if I do three lessons a week it will cost me £51 a week instead of £85 which would be better for my car fund as its an extra £33 a week Im saving, however will three hours a week be enough? Then maybe a week before the test have like 8 hours in the week building up to it?

    As for my driving I can do everything without my instructor using the dual control, I can pull of fine, stop fine, drive fine, change gears fine, do all the manoeuvres to a pass level, park relatively ok but the I struggle on one thing:

    JUNCTIONS ON HILLS I find the bite but also release the gas more of a bad habit if anything, So again will three hours a week be enough to brush up on this?

    Thanks for reading this essay!


    PS: Im looking to have around £500-£600 for my car
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    I think you should probably worry about saving for a car after you've passed your test. Having more lessons per week may indeed save you money in the long run by allowing you to pass your test quicker. The down side is of course that you will have to wait a little longer after passing your test to get a car but I'm sure you'll manage.
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    I think 3hrs a week is perfect personally. Your problem sounds like it could easily be solved by your test (that's a good 12 hours of lessons away if you book it for mid-July! - think about how much you've improved over the last 12 hours of lessons, it's enough for big improvements). Two 90min lessons a week would be more valuable than three 1hr lessons though.

    Things like junctions you'll progress through naturally with time. Just don't get too stressed about it and it'll change in no time. Sounds like July should be fine if you can do all the manouevres.
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    3 hours sounds fine, especially if there is only one thing you really need to focus on and then some general brushing up of skills.

    I only had 1 hour a week most weeks, 2 hours for some. I didn't have the time [or the money] to have more than that, but I still passed in less than 4 months start-to-finish.


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