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As a student at Uni, what do you buy most ?

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    whether it be necessities or just things you 'like'
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    I imagine beer will be near the top.
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    After rent & bills, food is by far my biggest expense.
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    Food and clothes.
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    (Original post by nPuppy)
    I imagine beer will be near the top.
    Actually the amount spent on alcohol is relatively low. I think many will agree that the most is spent on food.
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    I was in catered accommodation this year, so alcohol was my biggest cost but it would be close between alcohol and society/club costs, sports kit etc.
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    Food- at about £35 per week (this included other everyday stuff like toothpaste, soap etc when I needed it). Even when I was catered I spetabout £20 per week on my shopping bill.
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    Food. And coffee.
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    mostly pasta
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    Subway, eat fresh
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    Food, clothes and petrol.
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    Pizza and takeaways in general.
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    food it is then
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    I am in self catered accommodation so I end up spending most of my money on food. It's annoying but when you are self catered you have to control your entire diet so what you eat and how you organise meals depends on how much you spend. After that it'd be money for nights out. drinks and outfits for nights out.
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    Probably alcohol. I've found that if you're hungry, you can either sleep or get drunk. Both work quite well. Especially now that uni has ended for the summer I drink probably far more than I should. Being drunk for a good 3 or 4 days straight is pretty standard nowadays. Other than that I spend money on food. Fooooood.
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    unfortunately i buy beer a lot, but not my biggest expense.

    definitely food, and more specifically beans! or lentils or rice, all pretty cheap, make them all and mix them in a pot, then eat like a poor mexican family eats.
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    Alcohol and food are pretty even.
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    Bacon and vodka.


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