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What can I go on to do after uni with these A Level subject choices?

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    I've now chosen my 4 subjects that I want to do at AS Level next year but I'm not sure what I would like to do after uni. I am pretty sure I want to do a History degree but i would be open to doing something like English or Philosophy.
    These are my choices:
    English Lit
    Religious Studies
    French (likely to drop after AS)

    So what do you think my career options would be with these A Levels after I do History (or something else) at uni?
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    Unless you're completely focused on doing a Medicine/Engineering or other Sciencey/Maths degree, your A level subjects do not matter (assuming that they aren't "blacklisted" subjects). History/English/Philosophy are all BA degrees meaning that they open a lot of avenues (unlike BSc), however, to travel down those avenues requires a lot of commitment. Journalism instantly pops into my mind, but there are other options like: Teaching, Academia, Law, Politics, Foreign Office, Civil Service and many others.

    I wouldn't recommend entering A levels and concerning yourself with how your subjects will determine your later life. The top paid Lawyer in the UK studied Medieval History at undergraduate level. A levels are meant to be a stepping stone for finding a subject that you enjoy - again - unless you are focused on Medicine or Engineering, your A level choices do not matter and what you do after Uni is completely up to you.

    Don't worry about it, just focus on doing well at A-levels so you can set yourself up for a successful career after Uni. One step at a time.
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    Teaching comes to mind, or academia in general. Or perhaps something to do with curating/musuems.


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