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Biology and Chemistry vs English Literature and History

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    I have decided to choose Biology, Chemistry, English Literature and History to do at A level. I have always wanted to go down a science route because ever since a young age, I have been interested in Veterinary and Zoology (I definitely want to do something situated around animal science if it comes to it) However, I'm worried as although I'm okay at Science, I find it much more challenging than English Literature and History; I'd definitely say I'm more of an arts person as it appears to come naturally to me in comparison to Science. I do enjoy all 4 subjects, so that isn't an issue- is it better to follow the route you've always wanted and loved, or go with something you're much more confident with and still enjoy? The job prospects I'd consider for both English Literature and History also seem more limited in my opinion!

    Thank you
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    Why don't you try and find a compromise? You seem to like all four which is good and they all seem to leave a variety of routes open for you. I think you should just stick with your original options (which I am guessing is Bio, Chem, Eng Lit and History). + challenges are gooood! As long as you know you would enjoy them! I plan to do Bio, Chem, Maths and History. I love them all but believe History is going to be the challenge because of the workload etc. Still worth a try. Stick with your choices. I'm guessing you'll be able to change in the first couple weeks of sixth form/college if you decide one of your options are just not for you!

    All the best with you results in August!
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    History degrees are one of the most respected degrees out there, I did history, English literature, biology and economics at A-level and I'm going to uni to do human biology (grades permitted) so it's not exactly like your options are limited, if anything you've got more choice doing them subjects
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    No degree will limit your options really, unless you have a burning desire to go into scientific research or something . Science A-Levels are much harder than GCSE though, I'll warn you!
    Honestly though, doing what you enjoy is the most important thing, so follow your heart!


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