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Barclays bank account

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    close + delete pls
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    Get a current count...

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    (Original post by mangoh)
    Thats the problem on their website the criteria i've seen it says you need to have a regular income
    I am 14, and I have one :\

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    (Original post by mangoh)
    how did you go about creating one?
    Well, mine is with Santander, and I went into my local branch, asked for a meeting to set up a current account. Had the meeting, dad signed something, but I am pretty sure it's under my name, then a month later, card came in the post, with Pin, online banking etc. I expect rep ;D

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    you can just go into a branch and open a current account. I think all you need is £1 to open it but you'll need ID like a passport and proof of where you live and how long you've lived there. It's easier to open an account if your parent already has one with Barclays.

    i think this is the account you are looking for:
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    Hello Mangoh!

    I'm with Barclays, and I just simply walked into a local branch I told them that I would like a current account. They will than book you an appointment usually in the same week or the next, and tell you what you need to bring to the appointment usually a form of identification such as your passport, drivers license or provisional etc and possibly your birth certificate. The cashiers etc will tell you what you need to bring when you make the appointment and No you do not need to be earning thousands lol I opened mine with £1.
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    (Original post by mangoh)
    can I just turn up at Barclays or do I have to book an appointment?

    and whats the name of the credit card?

    Not got my reading glasses
    you'll probably need an appointment so I'd call first (though I just dropped in and only had to wait 30minutes). And you can get a cash card (which i wouldn't bother with) or a Barclays VISA debit card.
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    You seem confused about the differences between a credit card and a debit card. A debit card takes money automatically from your bank account. If you have no money in your bank account you can't use it (unless you have an arranged overdraft but you won't get one of those until you're 18 so no need to worry about that). You can think of a credit card like a loan. For example, you're allowed to borrow £500 from the bank on the card as long as you promise to pay a certain interest rate to them. What you want is a debit card.

    You may also hear about cash cards, they're simplified debit cards which only allow you to withdraw money from an ATM. You can't use them to make transactions in a shop or online. Again, this isn't the best for you but if they won't give you a debit card then it's the next best option.
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    I thought they cancelled that EMA thing already

    or was it just less money

    I got £30 each week from EMA when I went to college

    or would have if I had good attendance

    not sure what it's like now
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    (Original post by mangoh)
    what is the difference between the two cards you have mentioned?
    A cashcard allows you to withdraw money in the bank or at an ATM but you can't pay for stuff with it in shops, you'd have to go withdraw the money and then pay in cash. With a debit card you can also spend in shops with it.

    I don't think they'd offer you a cashcard anyway though as normally they only give them to under 16s who are too young to have a debit card.


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