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Most economical printer for university

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    I'll be starting uni in september and I'm looking for a half-decent printer that will be reasonably cheap to run, somewhere in the £50 - 100 price range.

    I'd be grateful of any suggestions.
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    From what I've heard, a more expensive initial cost will cost less to actually run in regards to ink cartridges and cheap as hell printers require expensive ink, so on that I'd recommend spending a bit more initially and being able to run it much cheaper ove rthe course of your degree. As for suggestions I have nothing I'm afraid.
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    (Original post by carl_senior)
    I'll be starting uni in september and I'm looking for a half-decent printer that will be reasonably cheap to run, somewhere in the £50 - 100 price range.

    I'd be grateful of any suggestions.
    Is colour printing important?
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    most printers you can refill the black ink with a needle.

    Refilling colour ink never seems to work for me so the price of colour cartridges will be the biggest cost.
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    We've had our Brother printer for 4 years and it's been fantastic. It isn't crystal clear for photographs so it's probably not your best option if you need to print pictures, but for just text or simple diagrams or whatever it's fantastic. I bought one about 18 months ago for about £60 with a full set of colours and black and an extra black and have since used those two blacks plus one more and those colours plus one more of each - and I print a LOT of stuff out. This year alone I've filled 6 lever arch files with notes and journal articles. Plus I get compatible inks off amazon - 20 cartridges for £20. Fantastic!
    Mine is the Brother DCP-197C and the family printer is two models before that.
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    If I was starting University again, I would definitely go for a black ink laser printer. You can get a good one for around £70-£80, and whilst replacement toner is far more expensive than inkjet cartridges, it will last you far, far longer and the quality will be many times better.
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    I have a HP officejet 7500A. Wasn't my first choice of printer but currys at the time didn't have mine in stock! So I paid a bit extra and went with this one and it is unbelievably economic! Its a little out of the price range, it£150 but it prints A3 is wireless scanner fax etc. has all the toys and I think it gets something like 750 pages (B+W) to one of the XL cartridges which is really good if your just using at uni!

    If your going to printing a lot a laser printer is again more economical but if your printing that much it'll work out cheaper to just use the uni printers and save yourself on paper ink etc.
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    Lexmark Pinnacle Pro 901

    The best printer you can get. Official ink is so cheap. You can get official Lexmark black ink cartridges for it for a few pounds and it lasts at least 1000 pages.


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