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One Night of philosophical Thought

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    Feeling philosophical and ended up writing some poems, there not very polished but O well give me your opinions please

    One Night of philosophical Thought

    Swimming through life
    Breathing when i need to
    Im flowing with the current
    But the tide must change.

    I've made some bad choices,
    She says that's a common thing,
    But why would I want to be common?
    I want to be like a diamond, sought after.

    She tells me to learn from my mistakes
    And told me there were no retakes in life.
    So how long will it take me? To graduate..
    from the university of life.

    Is life not based on probability?
    Luck controls your life
    so learn from the top poker player
    Only if your lucky enough to own the textbook of course.

    Should one choose a subject title?
    before the masterpiece is written
    does the title not reveal itself once the art it complete?
    Just like the pure randomness of life.
    the work of art He the Lord named Earth

    The system
    tells you to get up in the morning
    tells you YOU are unique
    'go get an education'
    then push the mangle of society
    of your brothers

    Some rats escaped
    For a week or two
    But sooner or later the big hand dropped them unwillingly,
    back into the rat race

    The experienced
    The tired
    slapped by the system so many times their souls break
    Lost their enthusiasm
    Learnt their system's boundrys
    Is that desirable? To the system?
    To have a wise man play you?
    This is why God makes the most efficient man frail
    Is the system owned by God or my elder brothers?
    No one can tell me
    I am a man in the dark
    Like all my brothers
    I was told all men were born the equal
    But they're wrong
    It's the souls that were created the same.
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    #1 and #6 were the best for me.
    Clear and interesting.

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    I don't really like 2 and 3

    But the others are good, agree with the poster above 1 and 6 are nice. I like 1 as its just short and you sort of get thinking.
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    (Original post by the bear)
    #1 and #6 were the best for me.
    Clear and interesting.

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    (Original post by Chow mein)
    I don't really like 2 and 3

    But the others are good, agree with the poster above 1 and 6 are nice. I like 1 as its just short and you sort of get thinking.
    thank you for responding yeah i agree with you 2 and 3 are crap Lol


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Updated: June 24, 2012
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