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Why don't I react normally?

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    (Original post by The Patriot)
    It happened a few hours before I posted this.

    Cry more? I didn't cry. Nor did I post anything about crying. So why did you randomly mention it?

    Again, I think you have failed to grasp the situation properly. I don't feel it was "a little remark" given the implication of it and the malice behind it.

    Trying to make me feel silly about this is just really sad on your behalf. You say that this thread makes you laugh, implying that it is pathetic or something. The only pathetic thing is that you would read it and feel the need to make a stupid little response to make yourself feel big. You look like a prick. Anyone can sit there and be a knob behind a computer screen, but at the end of the day you're embarrassing.
    lol now you're getting all worked up about what I said too

    I shouldn't have to do anything, you should just feel silly lol

    you need to stop being such an emotional lettuce
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    (Original post by The Patriot)
    Slightly offensive? I think that's an understatement. I'm not going to accuse you of anything, but it's far more than "slightly offensive". Making fun of your dead close relative isn't slightly offensive. Calling someone stupid or saying they have a big nose is "slightly offensive". It seems to me like this was a bigger deal than that. But it's all subjective I guess, so I'm not factually right.
    My father died of lung-cancer in 2010, and even I think you're a hypocrite.
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    (Original post by Profesh)
    My father died of lung-cancer in 2010, and even I think you're a hypocrite.
    Alright then. I disagree, but ok. Thanks for replying though!
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    (Original post by Profesh)
    Your colleague was understandably frustrated that you would impugn his heritage from the relatively unassailable position of one whose own father has recently died, thereby thwarting any attempt at a comeback on his part almost automatically. The fact that you can insult him with impunity owing to this implicit 'exemption clause' probably renders even the most off-hand of comments a good deal more aggravating, and his apparent over-reaction can be explained (if not justified) accordingly – not to mention that being constantly singled-out for criticism will eventually take its toll on even the most resilient psyche.

    Have some humility, for goodness' sake.

    Planet Hollywood, perhaps.
    Your style of writing is annoying.

    OP, it's not a matter of self-control, as others say you were shocked and people often react to those situations with silence. It would have actually been unrealistic if you had jumped on him or something. Like Profesh said, this isn't Hollywood.


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Updated: June 26, 2012
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