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Open days, and what people think of these universities

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    Unfortunately due to my part-time job, and not having enough time to apply for a day off, i was wondering what people thought of these universities whether they are studying there or have been to an open day.

    I am wanting to study computer science, computing or Computer Science With Mathematics (If offered).

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    Bath is fab, absolutely lovely. Opportunity for a year in industry makes you way more employable and in some cases leads to a graduate job
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    yeah, of all the ones i've been looking at over teh internet and in prospectuses, Bath seems to be my favorite in terms of what it offers, followed by sussex. It's just that the 3 As I need will be a stretch for me, only because of maths... I am confident in getting two As and a B but I don't think i'll nake the 3As... I guess i'll see when my august results come through.
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    I can't say anything about the other universities, but Sussex wasn't as great as I thought it would be. The campus is green, but the buildings are so ugly it made me depressed when I went to their open day! However i found that the department was fairly well funded, and had a lot of opportunities to do more media as it has two BBC type broadcasting studios. But the actual computer science degree seemed rather lacking in comparison
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    Oh boy... Sussex was actually number 1 on my list seeing as it had grades I could easily obtain while still being ranked quite high... What was the course actually missing?
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    (Original post by Sayris)
    Oh boy... Sussex was actually number 1 on my list seeing as it had grades I could easily obtain while still being ranked quite high... What was the course actually missing?
    I reckon you should visit them yourself and make of it what you will. One man's cup of tea is another man's vomit-inducing drink


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Updated: July 2, 2012
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