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Dumped online

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    Everything in my life is falling apart right now.
    Over a year ago I had a boyfriend who physically abused me. I spent a few months trying to get over it and become stronger again.

    I met a new guy in January and I thought that he was perfect. We were perfect until he cheated on me twice and then every argument that we have had since he has called me cruel names and uses these past girls to get me to hang up in anger when he has something else to do.

    Last night I was at a party and some guy I didn't know hit me. It brought all the memories back and I was devastated. I phoned my boyfriend and he just swore at me saying he was going to bed!

    Lately he messaged one of the girls who I haven't met but I will this Thursday and made up a story about me that was horrible. We were talking on skype earlier (well not talking - typing) I told him to tell the truth or else I have every right to stand up for myself on Thursday.
    He then said no and that he doesn't like me and he doesn't want me to come.

    We are now long distance and I need to be in the same country the week after for other commitments but booked to go a week early so I could see him. He has now left me with no where to stay and being dumped by skype messenger.
    I have never felt worse than I do right now!

    To be honest, I didn't even want to go out with him in January because I told him I couldn't deal with being hurt after my last relationship completely broke me and left me with nothing.
    I think it feels worse when it happens the second time!

    I just don't know what to do, I have lost all the confidence I ever had and I'm really hating myself. Perhaps I do deserve the insults?
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    So these men treat you this way without you doing anything to deserve it? Both of them?
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    My first boyfriend just had anger issues. Once we walked into town together to have a drink and I asked him if he could walk slower and he ditched me, when I got back later he hit me again. He was actually crazy, a few people witnessed it, it was only when my parents witnessed it that I had the courage to walk away.
    My second boyfriend, I have no idea about. I really love him, I've never liked someone so much in my life! He just gets mad when I phone him because something else has upset me. He says things just to hurt me to get me off the phone so he can have alone time and he does admit later that he didn't mean it. I can never tell when he is telling the truth though but he has never hit me, he would never do that.
    Maybe he's just a loner? I just wish he could see how good I have been to him. Especially after my last relationship I made so much of an effort for him. Do you think if I leave it he might get in touch and ask me to stay with him this week? I don't think he'd be that heartless to leave me with nowhere to stay.


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Updated: June 24, 2012
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