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Called an Introvert and Social Outcast by each of my housemates

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    Just finished my third year of University and was told by one of my housemates that the other thinks I'm a social outcast. He defended me saying I'm introverted, not an outcast. A professor of mine said I was aloof and "laid back." My phone rarely rings and people never initiate conversations with me either on Facebook, text or in person unless I start the ball rolling.

    I dislike clubs and don't much like partying. I locked my bedroom door throughout the year when I wanted to get some escapism. We didn't have a lounge so where else can I have some peace and quiet? I have very little drama in my life and try to lead a simple, non-dramatic, gossip-free life.

    Am I that weird?

    If you haven't already guessed, I don't have GF or get laid.
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    You are not weird
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    Ignore them. If you're happy with you are, who's to tell you how to live your life?
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    Not weird at all. I'm exactly the same, usually preferring my own company to others. Though, even though i'm an introvert, i have noticed recently that it can be quite lonely, so i'm going to make more of an effort next year to get out there more, suggest you do the same if you're noticing something 'missing' in your life
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    being 'weird' in the way of being quiet is a very middle-school concept. by adulthood people should be mature enough to accept that some people are quiet, enjoy their own company and not have to fit the criteria that peers decide they should meet. you are an individual, you didn't fall off the factory line. You will be unique and different, and they should accept that.
    It also depends on who you're with- some people you may be introverted around, but you may be more open around someone you click with.

    if you are worried about their opinins though, you could try being more talkative, but it isn't something i personally would fuss over.

    this is coming from an ex-'outcast'


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