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Do you have a curfew? If so what time?

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    Does your parents impose a curfew on you? If so what time is that curfew imposed?

    Those who had one previously, what time was your curfew and when was it abolished?
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    Before I was 14 it was around 10ish, so pretty good. Now I can go out whenever, as long as my dad knows approximately where I am and if I don't have exams or something important at school the next day. I do live in a posh town where I feel safe going anywhere cause no-one will start on you for no reason.
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    I live out in the middle of the countryside, so have never really had much need for a formal curfew as such. If I wanted to stay out in the evening I'd let my parents know and they'd decide what was best based on the circumstances.

    Now that I'm older but still living at home, I can stay out as late as I like, my boyfriend lives in the village and is an ecologist so I keep him company on his night and dawn surveys, and in the summer I sometimes walk and climb until the early hours of the morning. But I'd always let my parents know that I'm safe.


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