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How do YOU get home after a night out?

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    Pretty much just walk home in a big group usually as we all live pretty close to each other.
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    you can split a taxi with someone, if there's ever someone.
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    I either get a taxi or walk home.
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    Night bus rocks. Stops right outside my house, so I can stagger over, put my key in the door quickly when it stops moving, go up the windy staircase (which is straight the rest of the time) and topple into my flat.
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    If I'm in my home town I always walk home, unless it's raining, as It's only a 5-10min AND I walk past the police station, which is on my road so I deem it fairly 'safe'

    If I'm at Uni then I'll stay at one of my friends that lives fairly close or share a taxi home with about 4 others
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    Split taxi normally. I walked home last week. Stupid idea. Wasn't that far; but it was raining!
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    I only go out once every so often, and that is less than even once a month, and if I'm drinking, I'd get a cab or share one with someone I know.
    That said, I sometimes go town and not drink at all, so I'd just drive with a few mates in the car
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    Hitchhike, walk, taxi, lift or not go home. Have done all 5 at some point and most likely will do them all again at some point


    I'm the only hitchhiker so far . Why does everyone hate hitchhiking!?
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    If I'm in a group with other people who wanna walk, I walk. Only takes about 35-40 minutes & when you're drunk & munching cheesy chips on the way it goes veryyy fast!

    If nobody else wants to walk, or I go home alone (I have social anxiety so I never really tend to last long in a club - much prefer the pre drinks!) I get a taxi. Usually about £9, Or if a friend is doing lifts, then I go with them!
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    I wake up in my bed the next day usually thinking "How the hell did i get home"

    Other times that i remember i usually walk with a few other people and i have a fight with street signs or fall in puddles
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    Walk I live opposite my favourite club and no more than 5 mins walk away from the others.
    When I'm at home though I just stop at a friends or get the 6am train back.
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    Usually go out once a fortnight with the same bunch, usually one of my mates who goes out with us will drive us in his 7 seater as he is allergic to alcohol thus can't drink.

    He picks us up and then sends us home, we chip in to give him a full tank of petrol after the night is over.
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    live in a smallish town so can just trek it back, only 20mins --> 1 hour depending the level of drunkenness within the group.
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    Usually I can't remember .
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    (Original post by Moontoon)
    Do you people not worrying about being mugged/jumped walking back late at night?
    too drunk to give a crap
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    (Original post by tehforum)
    too drunk to give a crap
    I guess sticking to the main road would be safe-ish.
    Do you run/jog, or just walk?
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    I use the natural tidal waves and current, it's cheaper and quicker than a taxi and surprisingly drier if/when you vomit.

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    Taxis in Leicester aren't that expensive (I tend to phone them in advance so I'm not jumping in a black cab). I don't really go out unless I'm with someone I know, and I definitely don't go home by myself so taxis are always split.

    At home (Kent) unfortunately I have to beg for lifts off my parents, which I feel awful about doing but when all your friends live 20 miles+ away and the closest place we can go out is 10 miles away, with taxis being in excess of £50 I can't really do it any other way. On the odd occasion the girls in our group will offer to have people stay over (she lives a little closer to where we go out.) and then we return the favour later on.

    Buses stop pretty much after 11pm in both places so that's not an option.
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    Depends where I am - Back home, i'll walk. It's close enough to walk and the streets I have to walk are not dangerous.

    At Uni (In Nottingham), I get a taxi/bus, unless i'm in the area where I live already. I used to happily walk (it's about an hour's walk, so not terrible. I don't drink though so I would be feeling the cold the whole way through) until my housemate came back one night after walking home from Ocean. He'd had a bag full of ****e thrown at him by some chavs and was covered in it for about 45 minutes. The police wouldn't help him when he bumped into some at a petrol station (he was hammered and covered in ****e, what would you do?) and he ended up throwing up several times before getting home.

    He had a quick shower and went to put his clothes in the washing machine. His hands were full so had the wahsing up tablet in his mouth. It exploded. I had to help him get checked out medically throughout the night.

    So no, we get taxis in Nottingham.


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Updated: August 23, 2012
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