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Original PSP, sell or keep?

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    Ive got an Original PSP, the good old brick, that I got from America when they first came out. Loved it so much, but its pretty much pointless now and I hardly use it, in fact I haven't used it in years. I know when i go to sell it I won't get very much, but should I just do it anyway or should I keep it in the hope it will come in handy? Also how much do you think I would get, Its in pretty good condition Thank you!
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    Unless your desperate for the money, don't sell it. Your not going to get much for it. Pass it down to your children
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    If you sold it you'd be lucky to get £40. Keep it for a few more years and it's value could go up, much like the GameBoy consoles or Nintendo 64.


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Updated: June 24, 2012
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