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Why do so many people seem so obsessed with having to be drunk to have fun?

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    Ive seena few posts about drinking/going out and im just at a loss to why so many people feel the need to be smashed out of their brains before they can have a good night?
    I use to drink loads before I found out I had medical problems Id go out and eaisly drink a bottle of value vodka because I thought I was having fun, Id be throwing up all over the place, i thought i had the confidence to chat up guys etc but actually i just looked a tit or came across relaly really rude. I would say what I thought I once told a girl 'your a fat slag I dont like you' im not like this i got into fights with people etc.

    I totally totally understand that dirnking can be fun you can be stupid, loosen up a bit be a bit more confident but whats the obsession with having to have a drink?

    Ive been tetotal for about 2 years and even now when I say I dont drink people look at me like im deformed, they try to force me to drink call me a party pooper. I still go up and dance, make a tit of myself have a laugh I think **** it if you dont like me dancing go away I dont know half the people in the club and will most likely never see them again

    Am I missing somebthing byt why is staying sober on nights out such a big deal?
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    Drinking to have a good night is more what people say! Being tipsy is great, it does give you more confidence However, drinking enough to be drunk when you can't stand or throwing up is past the fun stage! If I don't drink anything and go to a club it seems really skanky and a disguisting place, whereas being tispy I don't notice and go mad dancing haha
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    I can't drink due to a medical issue - but people tell me that it's good that I don't drink :/
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    sometimes drinking can be good if its social etc. But sometimes i go wayyy over the top

    The thing is, Im like you, i dont need to drink to have fun. But sometimes drinking helps to forget problems and stresses and you can go totally wild occassionally.

    I sometimes go out and dont drink and i have fun. To be honest, for me, its more the company. If im in good company i will have just as much fun drunk as i would sober.
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    Im the same I have medical problems so cant drink but when I did drink I drank a hell of alot it was not a good look id be the one dancing on the table or being annoying

    It was the realisation that people were laughing at me not with me that stopped me drinking

    I also use to binge drink when I was upset when my ex dumped me I went on like a four day bender with my friends I drank so much thinking it ould make me feel better all it did as make me more upset and gave me a banging headache!
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    It's just part of British culture. There are threads on this subject nearly every day on this forum, and on lots of others, so it's clear there are people who agree with you. If you don't want to drink (much or at all), don't and anyone who thinks they are better than you because of this isn't worth knowing.
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    They lack a true personality and real soul and need alcohol to make up for their deficiencies


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