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Should choosing your baby's gender be allowed?

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    (Original post by Holby_fanatic)
    Yes, why shouldn't it be?
    Because we have a natural balance of boys and girls which stays at around 50/50 give or take. Many countries, culturally, prefer boys and there are people with a very specific preferences for their child's gender. We certainly do not want an uneven boy/girl balance. Anyone who thinks that we should just "take that chance" and hope that we stay 50/50 is questionable.

    You're effectively saying you agree with what female infanticide represents.
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    No, unless its for medical reasons, ie. to prevent the child from inheriting a hereditory condition or illness that affects only/mostly boys/girls, or for the protection of the mother, eg, if there are medical complications resulting from carrying a male
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    I'm assuming you mean during IVF?
    Ehhhh I'm torn on this. I don't think it really makes much difference but it reflects on us as a society that gender is something people are overly bothered about. I can think of any reason why a couple would want a specific gender? It seems such an odd concept to me, the only reason that seems valid to choose one gender over the other except in cases of hereditary diseases where one gender is much more likely to get it than the other.
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    (Original post by Bellissima)
    lol... really? if they "chose you to be a girl" then you would have never existed, the girl would exist, not you. they don't change the XY to XX in the fertilised egg, they choose the egg with the desired sex....

    and how on earth would the child being gay be ironic are you saying gay people are the opposite gender to their sex? if they were transgender then it could be ironic... but gay???? :confused:
    I honestly don't know why you would want to choose your kid's sex to begin with without any sort of sexist motivation behind it. As for the gay issue I can't see how, if you have a preference for a particular gender in the first place, you wouldn't have some motivation for them to be straight as well.
    "I want a boy, because he can be successful and can probably stand up for himself and run a big business" - well, what out if he turns out an effeminate gay man more interested in celebrites?

    I cannot see any reason behind choosing the sex of your child without some sort of sexist ideals.
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    Again, this is probably an issue which can't be generalised and there'll be individual reasons for each person which needs taking into account. You're not abusing your baby's rights. As long as this is controlled, so there aren't too many of one gender being born, then I don't see an issue.
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    I don't see why not. If a couple were turning down a child I would question there position to be a parent but I have no problem with the process itself. Sure you may be destroying a fetus but you are allowing anothe to grow so it balances, plus im pro choice so have not issue with abortion anyway.
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    I believe in nature.
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    (Original post by lonelyknight)
    I believe in nature.
    So you don't wear clothes or believe in marriage, both of which are not present in nature?
    There are many such examples.
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    It is entirely up to the parents. If they can afford to do it and want to do it, let them do it.
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    I personally don't agree with it, although I can understand why some people would prefer one sex over the other. I think that if the sex of a child is that much of an issue then you shouldn't be a parent. And then there's the question of where does one draw the line? Who's to say that if we allowed this, in the future we could even choose our childs skin colour? It just doesn't seem ok for me....
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    No. It is an awful idea. It may seem harmless for that couple with 5 boys who REALLY WANT a girl, but in my opinion it is incredibly selfish. It can make one gender seem "superior" over another, thus leading to gender imbalance-for instance in China (due to the one child policy) there are a lot of men struggling to find wives. In the West, it is just plain wrong.
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    Yes, but only if you choose to have a girl. (More choice for us lads)
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    (Original post by confuzzled92)
    No! Having a child shouldn't be like having a pokemon
    It's nothing like having a pokemon. I get a damned male Chikorita when I want a female one.
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    no. it will unbalance the male:female ratio in our population, and who knows what that can lead to.
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    (Original post by PinkMobilePhone)
    No absolutely not. You'd end up with an abnormal proportion of one sex or the other. At the moment it's about 49% vs 51% I believe, which is roughly even. We don't exactly want to mess with that. For a start, asian cultures would run out of women pretty quickly, as they favour boys in any case!
    I'm sorry to put a hole in your argument - Asian societies favor boys to a large part because they have better prospects (see http://qje.oxfordjournals.org/content/123/3/1251.short ). Once they get to a state where they could afford to be able to choose their child's sex, I doubt that this is still the case to such an extent that it would be a problem.

    A few general points, I doubt that there would be a huge difference between what is desired. In addition, isn't the surprise part of the pregnancy? There will be people who would not use this.

    Finally, if an imbalance does arise, then this would sort itself out. If there were more guys, then girls would become much more "valuable" - in the sense that they could be pickier about who (rich) they marry.
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    I wouldn't do it for a variety of reasons:
    1) Things like this can eventually become trends and that just leads to distorted boy/girl ratios and in some countries this leads to gang rapes, buying and selling of girls etc.
    2) I don't care if my child is a boy or a girl. They're both special.
    3) Personally, I would like the surprise.
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    (Original post by ChocoholicPolyglot)
    I wouldn't do it for a variety of reasons:
    1) Things like this can eventually become trends and that just leads to distorted boy/girl ratios and in some countries this leads to gang rapes, buying and selling of girls etc.
    Thered be more attractive guys per girl tho.
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    No because it's retarded. There are too many liberals with the attitude of 'well it's the parents decision' - what about the babies right to just develop normally? Before you say IVF etc, that's different, that's not interfering with it's gender.


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