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    Sherina slipped off her simple
    Bark dress and eased herself
    Onto the greenstone altar
    She sensed her mother
    Watching sadly at the
    Edge of the circle of
    Ancient stones
    After a year of preparation
    The time had come for the
    Great giving to Lugh the
    Laughing One who gave
    The tribe so much and
    Asked for just one gift
    At the Summer Sunstop
    The old druid Macharl
    Spoke gently to the girl
    And thanked her for giving
    Then he passed the burning
    Laurel twigs under her nose
    To help her relax
    And carefully anointed her
    Pale body with unguent
    From his crystal pyx
    Sherina felt a golden glow
    Deep in her belly and
    The glow spread until
    She felt she was flying
    High above the temple
    Like a skylark rising from
    The corn towards the sun
    Macharl kissed her forehead
    Then his golden bronze sickle plunged
    And Sherina's blood fountained out
    Coppering the cold stone
    As one the watchers moaned
    In terror and then growing frenzy
    As the bloodstained druid
    Raised Sherina's heart
    Towards Lugh's star
    And signalled for the
    Celebrations to begin
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    Poor Sherina . I like the imagery in this one, was it inspired by anything in particular?
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    (Original post by Dunc1)
    Poor Sherina . I like the imagery in this one, was it inspired by anything in particular?

    Hi Dunc
    This is based on reading trashy Aztec novels secondary sources and chewing mistletoe berries and visiting ancient sites such as Stonehenge and Carnac.
    The Golden Bough is a fertile source of sacrificial lore; it was used a lot in the Wicker Man.
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    Wut the..


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