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Master in Applied Economics (NUS) vs Master in Financial Management (ANU)

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    Hi guys,

    I really need your serious advice.

    I am currently studying in one of well-known uni in Malaysia, and plan to continue my master's straight away, since I want to change my career path (I study Electronic Commerce for my Bachelor's degree).

    I will be graduating this October, and confuse to choose one of these programme:

    Master in Applied Economics (NUS)
    2 years
    SGD 28,000
    Intake only in August

    Minor disadvantage: Need to wait till August 2013 to get into class.


    Master in Financial Management (ANU)
    1 year
    AUD 28,656
    Intake in Feb and July

    Minor advantage: Just need to wait until Feb 2013, during that time perhaps can spend some time to do internship in Malaysia.

    My goal in career is to be a financial adviser/financial analyst. I know that some people would recommend to take CFA course rather than master's. Well, I have that plan too but I would like to boost up my knowledge first, get a job in finance field, and take CFA course as part-time. I am considering the above universities because of they both are well-known established, both are good in social science field (or is it? ), and both are similar in ranking (QS). I don't mind to work in Sing or Aussie as long as I get the job that I want.

    Regarding the NUS one, I know some of my colleagues have economics degree but work in finance field. So do you think it matters, or not? Besides that, I am also a bit tight on budget, that's why I choose Master in Financial Management (1 year) instead of Master in Finance (2 years).

    Appreciate any input from you.


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Updated: June 25, 2012
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