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    Hi everyone, my name is Aurelijus and I'm a Lithuanian.

    The following paragraph will probably be the one to skip - I find its topic quite formal and while important, not that exciting. Anyway, the next year will be my final high-school year (well, I'm currently in a Gymnasium but I guess it's just a fancy name to call a school in here). I'm not dissing my school, though. It's quite a nice place for learning and communicating, and stuff like this. I can call myself a quite successful student (good grades), I love physics but sometimes I find studying so useless and just plain boring. Whatever.

    Speaking about myself, I am firendly, I have charisma, I am willing to help others, I am flexible (I'm interested and am able to do quite a handful of tasks: graphic design, websites, writing etc). I love arts : movies and music (I'm a music geek, really). I love sports: playing them and watching. I mean there's a lot to tell but I'd rather express myself via help of other people works. (yeah, Family Guy reference ) It's easier and IMO shows much about the person.

    Speaking of music I don't have favorite genre. My favorite bands are:
    Radiohead, Fugazi, At The Drive-In, Muse, The Flaming Lips, The Beatles, Kraftwerk, N.W.A, Wu-Tang Clan, Joy Division, Fleet Foxes, The Black Keys, Porcupine Tree, Foo Fighters and so on and so on...

    Artists: Beck, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Neil Young, Thom Yorke...

    Anyway, if you want to ask something just do it...

    I hope to become a part of this superb website.
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!



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Updated: June 25, 2012
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