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Oldham Muslims plan to kill Manchester Jews

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    (Original post by prog2djent)
    I'm fairly convinced he would like to see Sharia law descend on the UK, would be apathetic to another holocaust, which he is a skeptic of (denier amonst his Muslims chums) anyway, is pretty homophobic, probably uses phrases like "our women", "your women".
    Maybe, but all this is reflective of brainwashing of an angry yet at heart, caring individual. In another time, in another context, I doubt he would be in this same delusional state.

    (Original post by prog2djent)
    For someone who is highly articulate I'm suprised they even believe in a religion so thoroughly, there are thousands of high IQ people and Geniuses who believe in "a" God of some sort, but usually the smarter people don't blindly follow a religion, luckily their intelligence can see through the childhood indocrination.
    The thing is, if you are highly motivated by rational thinking, then Islam can appear very attractive. While it is objectively an irrational ideology, its backers have huge resources to restructure its presentation as perfect rationality, with quite elaborate conjecture. Also highly rational people, are often very calculating of risk, and as such quite risk-averse. Islam is all about containing risk (risk of immorality x, so we must ban y), and in fact, the threat of eternal hell and torture that accompanies it, is very fearsome for somebody who is even marginally risk averse. For somebody inside the religion, it appears totally internally consistent, as is the case of Perseveranze. His main problem is his pride, lack of humility and ego problems. That's what perpetuates the faith, and stops any form of critical self-analysis. But I mean what I say when I don't think he was a bad person. I also don't think somebody like Mohammad Saddique Khan was inherently a bad person either (though some Islamic terrorists are), just the same sort of situation that Perseveranze has found himself in.
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    (Original post by TheHansa)
    What's this talk of 'genetic fallacies'? I don't see how this thread could get on to genetics.
    You need to ask Perseveranze this. I have asked him several times to identify one of these "genetic fallacies", and provide an elaboration. Of course he has failed to do this.

    But a genetic fallacy is not actually anything to do with genetics, it is to do with linking the logic of precedence with the present.
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    (Original post by killa78)
    Such silly people -_-

    Killing of innocents is pathetic and never justified :sad:

    Normal, logically thinking people know this, unfortunatly this is not a widespread belief amoungst muslims.


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Updated: June 29, 2012
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