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Atheists - What would you do if you found yourself in heaven?

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    If you died and found yourself suddenly surrounded by angels and clouds and such, would you decide "seems legit, I guess I'll believe in God now", or would you remain sceptical?
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    I'd assume an atheist would think that they were dreaming or under the influence of a drug.

    Why was I negged? It wasn't meant to be offensive to anybody.
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    The first thing I'd do is run into the gates of heaven and jump on the clouds to see how soft they are. Then I would ask Jesus to multiply 50 burgers, 100 chicken fajitas and sprinkle some lettuce on top. Then eat it all because being dead and coming back is quite a long time to go without food. I'd then proceed to beat God at table tennis and chill with the lady angels for the rest of eternity.
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    I can't speak for all Atheists, but my stance on God is that there simply isn't enough evidence - if there was evidence, such as me being in Heaven and in God's prescence, I would be happy to believe.

    Oh, and I'd have fun :P.
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    I'd admit I was wrong, obviously.
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    I'll laugh at all the religious people who spent decades doing boring stuff like going to church/mosque and not getting pissed and shagging.
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    Atheism is due to a lack of evidence, if I was in heaven I would clearly no longer be an atheist.

    I would also have a high opinion of God for letting people into heaven for being a good person, as opposed to the claim some (although not all,) Christians have where if you are a non-believer you are instantly destined for hell.
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    (Original post by Nephilim)
    I'd assume an atheist would think that they were dreaming or under the influence of a drug.
    lol - perhaps at first, but it would take a deluded individual to then ignore everything in front on him. The point of atheism is to believe what evidence tells you to believe, not to deny deities no matter what. The complete lack of evidence for a god is the problem currently.
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    I'd try to find out how long this heaven stuff was going to last.

    If I found out I was gonna be there for eternity id get pretty bummed out.
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    I'd sit there, just chillin'.

    Nah, I'd obviously change my mind and I'd also be pretty surprised that I wound up in Heaven rather than Hell, given the amount of things that you can get sentenced to Hell for.

    I would then see if there was any beer in Heaven, and proceed to get drunk.
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    (Original post by Maker)
    I'll laugh at all the religious people who spent decades doing boring stuff like going to church/mosque and not getting pissed and shagging.
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    I'd think, gee I must have been an awesome person if I didn't believe and all that yet I still ended up here
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    I'd laugh my ass off because I sin on a daily basis!
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    I'd take this new evidence of an afterlife into account and change my beliefs accordingly, which is why I'm an atheist right now.
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    If the evidence was in, I'd believe it. The only reason I don't now is because it isn't.
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    I would ask Jesus to whip me up the worl'd most delicious milkshake. Then I would drink it I suppose.
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    If I found myself in a heaven-like state, I'd go and find God. If he's there, I'd convert to whatever religion he actually represents.

    Otherwise, I'll start looking for the 72 virgins.
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    Consider myself pretty lucky to get in...

    If I just saw 'angels and clouds and stuff' I wouldn't automatically believe in God(s), not until I actually see him/her/them...
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    I'd ask God to make hogwarts real then the real bliss would begin.
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    Kill myself.


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Updated: June 27, 2012
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