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Atheists - What would you do if you found yourself in heaven?

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    I would try to take over Heaven to declare myself ruler.
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    High five everyone.
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    I'd admit I was wrong and then get over it. Then I'd be like PARTAAYYYYY! And I'd casually ask Jesus to clone me Orlando Bloom/Tom Cruise and then I'd head over to McDonald's and get an angel to serve me a big mac. Seeing as I'd already be dead and obesity would no longer matter I'd order another big man and an apple pie to finish nom nom. Then I'd go and get drunk on jager bombs and perform the macarena on some clouds as I waved at people in passing aeroplanes.
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    This probably;

    I make no claim that I am 100% certain that any god does not exists, just that I believe that is most likely the truth, or that any that does exist will not be any god conceived by man.
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    ask for some olanzapine - and would still not believe such obvious nonsense was real
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    (Original post by Americaniamh)
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! YES PLEASE!!!

    The only issue I have with - and this is quite sad how much I've thought about this - is that I'm 17 so I'd be really behind. Plus, if I was reduced in age to 11, my consciousness would be different so it wouldn't actually be me who gets to experience it! I suppose, I could be made into an eleven-year old with the same consciousness... that would work!

    And er, the original point: I'd be pretty chuffed. The idea of heaven seems incredibly lovely and wonderful, and occasionally I do wish I believed.
    I know I'm 17 too. Still the preserved consciousness in an eleven year old me sounds good. I know, I wish we knew for sure but I'm pretty fine with just not knowing and not admitting to knowing. Its a nice thought though.
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    I would assume that I was hallucinating.
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    Like this would ever happen. :laugh:
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    Royally pissed off that I would have to praise some dictatorial being for eternity, what kind of mind invents that instead of the void of death oh yeah a poorly evolved mammalian one , void please!

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    Pissed off. I'm perfectly happy with my atheist view of the world, and prepared for nothing after death. :mad:
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    Probably think I'd had too much caffeine again and started hallucinating.

    Or that I'm dreaming.
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    I would most likely think I've ended up in a twisted version of Jack and the beanstalk with extra characters and it's never ending!
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    I'd think I'd landed in North Korea.
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    I'd probably think that 'reality' was just in fact just a computer simulation all along. My program now residing in the mainframe computer. It would then only be a matter of days before my program becomes self aware and acquires the powers of 'God'.


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Updated: June 27, 2012
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