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    Hi, we have been asked to think of a topic on food study investigation which will account for 25 - 30% of GCSE grade. I need to hand in my topic in a couple of days. What sort of things do people do? Please help.:mad:
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    I studied the link between type two diabetes and obesity for mine. What's also useful is that my grandma is diabetic so I was able to interview her to get information. Try and choose something that either you or your friend/family member can relate to so you can interview them to put in your research
    Other people in my class did stuff like:
    -Healthy living
    -Ready meals

    ...or some people just focused on a specific nutrient or group of people!

    Good luck
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    Thank you so much for your help. Generally how long was your piece that you handed in? On average what sort of marks/grades did people get? Any tips woudl be greatly appreciated.
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    What have you decided to do?
    And mine was 130 pages long for the whole project o.o
    In my class of 11 people there's a few A*s I think. Apparently I got an A, but I don't know yet!
    For the three short tasks you had to get 54/60 for an A*, and I think it's the same for the long task as it is also out of 60. The grade boundaries are sooo high, don't get me started on the theory paper :/
    Good luck
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    Hi, Still debating on what I should do. Haven't been told a lot about this at school so am unsure. Did you do the 130 pages during your hols or during the school week? Its so much work and pressure. I thought this option would have been a breather for me. We've done 3 controlled assessments and I got A* in those. Thanks for all your help and will have a long think this weekend and may get in touch if I need to go through some stuff.


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