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Applying to uni in 2013/2014 as a Private Candidate.

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    Hi everyone. Basically, I just finished my A-level exams (Maths,Physics,Chemistry) a couple of days ago and I realised that I could have given it more time and effort throughout these 2 years to get better grades and apply to top unis like Imperial,UCL etc. I screwed up my AS having overall BDD. I resat a bunch now in may-june and I'm waiting for my results. However,even if I get the grades I need to get into Brunel,I want to study on my own next year and aim even higher(top 10 universities). I know the drill - teachers predict you grades and the unis send you an offer ; but in my particular case i want to resit about 10-11 specific exams and get A*AA or AAA overall and change my A-level certificate in 1 year only. Even though you think it's crazy - I managed to transform 3 D's in 3 A's in just 2 months
    My question is(sorry about the long intro), how can I get offers from top unis,if I will sit the exams as a private candidate ? I don't think my teachers will want to predict me AAA just like that,since I'm not going to be in college and given that my teachers are complete d**kheads? How can I do this? How can I get the unis to send me an offer. That's all I need.


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Updated: June 25, 2012
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