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    I would appreciate any help anyone could give me with this...

    Basically I'm a student about to go into my second year and earlier in the year, my boyfriend and I agreed to move in together as I am very different to most other students and just really don't fancy living with loads of people again. He didn't have a job at the time but he was hopeful he'd get a job or get onto the teaching degree. He was told his degree was something then found out it was less than that so missed out on the teaching course. This has put us both in a very bad situation as you can imagine.

    He cannot pay any rent. The only option left would be for him to claim housing benefit to pay for rent on a one bed flat and I pay the rest. I live in Birmingham and he lives currently in the south in a sea side town where there is no work, so the situation is bad. Obviously, i'm making all this effort because he is my boyfriend and I don't just want to go back on everything and make things worse. I'm starting to think I might have to just go it alone and move into a studio flat but I fear the relationship won't survive it or i'll be in trouble yet again by having him down so he can search for work.

    Sorry for the very long winded explaination but this is the problem.
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    You are very different to other students how? You should look for rooms in shared houses or if you want to fork out the cash, look for studio flats or unite house/opal. If he can't pay his way you shouldn't live with him. If he gets a job and sorts things out then maybe you can in the future
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    Student living hasn't at all been for me. I'm not a partying kinda person, did that when I was much much younger and as I have had to grow up very quickly due to difficult family circumstances, I find that many people just don't share the same attitudes that I do.

    People also haven't been nice to me this year - Due to the fact I am alt and hence just not interested in what they are. I made good friends on my course, but a lot of them live at home or had sorted accomodation out before I really got to know them. I also do suffer from depression and trust issues so this probably worsens things.


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