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Boycott McDonalds at the Olympic Park

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    (Original post by GodAtum)
    I want to try and encourage people to boycott McDonalds at the Olympic Park and find healthier food to eat.

    Jenny Jones, a Green Party assembly member, said:
    What Society Thinks when they see this post:

    What I think:

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    i'm not going to boycott the macdonalds in the olympic park because i didn't get any tickets!!!!!! :mad:
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    (Original post by standreams)
    You're being sarcastic, right?
    No, I missed out a word :facepalm: I meant the first commercialised event!
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    (Original post by MissLightyear)
    No, I missed out a word :facepalm: I meant the first commercialised event!
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    I really interesting article from the BBC:
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    If you only boycott McDonalds at the Olympic Park it will have little effect. If you do so universally, and others do, it might.
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    (Original post by GodAtum)
    I want to try and encourage people to boycott McDonalds at the Olympic Park and find healthier food to eat.
    If you don't like McDonalds don't eat there. I don't like it so I never go there. Anyone who would join in a boycott wouldn't have eaten at McDonalds anyway, which makes the whole thing pointless.
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    Listen OP if subway are willing to also serve chips then Im with you, until then...
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    (Original post by Steezy)
    I tend to agree... A multinational company like that should have some sort of responsibility.

    If they were to blatantly admit that, yes our food is unhealthy, enjoy in moderation (and maybe even put warnings to people like with cigarrettes), that would be fair enough.

    But to sponsor something like the Olympics gives the impression/association that they are healthy.

    It's like Marlboro sponsoring Tour de France.
    Everyone knows McDonalds isn't exactly the most healthiest place to eat. If people think McDonalds is healthy just because it's associated with the Olympics, then they are stupid people.
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    People are going there to watch sport not pretend they are athletes anyway. eating mcdonalds while watching the olympics is no different from watching the football in a pub with a pint or eating the junk they sell at football stadiums. Almost all sporting events involve selling unhealthy food to the spectators.

    I really want mcdonalds now though
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    If you want to disagree with something try disagreeing with Mcdonalds not allowing any other food outlet to sell chips (unless its with fish) so no chip butty, no chicken and chips etc, now that is a fight worth fighting for, 'we want our chip butty! '
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    For the other volunteers; do you guys only have McDonalds as you choice or is there a proper staff canteen? We have one around our way but I think that's purely because it was built for the press.

    Can't boycott McDonalds if it's one of the very few places to eat. I will be but only because there is better. Don't hate them just terrible food.
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    Proper canteen serving hot and cold food all day next to the Basketball arena, seating for 550.
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    Good to hear! Yeah the reason I asked is because I reckon most volunteers would eat in places like that anyway.
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    Get angry with the people who allowed McDonald's into the park not the company themselves. I am sure any chief executive of a large fast food chain would try and get a presence at the Olympic Park.
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    (Original post by SummerAnthems)
    What's the point in boycotting it? If people believe in finding healthier food to eat then they won't go to McDonalds anyway. McDonalds is fine, like any other food, in moderation.
    Agreed, I'm a little of a health freak but I'm off to the games and may indulge in a burger :rolleyes:
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    1. McDonald's is amazing and there is no way I will boycott their delicious chicken mcnuggets and fries.
    2. No one forces you to eat unhealthy food. If you're fat, it's your own fault, not fast food restaurants'.
  18. Online

    (Original post by RabbitCFH)
    2. No one forces you to eat unhealthy food. If you're fat, it's your own fault, not fast food restaurants'.
    Bu if it's the only place selling food then it's their problem.
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    Seems people who call for the boycott would rather taxpayers pay even more for an event rather than allowing a company with deep pockets pay more than their fair share.

    There is no such thing as a free lunch and any company that sponsors will want something back in return.
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    gtfo OP, don't be dissing my big macs now


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Updated: July 23, 2012
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