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is andriod tablet better than ipad 2?

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    Apple has been leading the market for some years. while i find android has the trend to encroach on the markets. last time when i bought cell phone, there were obviously more pepole checking HTC than those in Apple store. in addition, due to brand protection, many unknown andriod cell phones are also coming into markets.

    these android smartphones are indeed cheap but they are really so powerful in functions as the descriptions say?
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    Android tablets are not better than the iPad 2. I love Android, I make custom Android ROMs and kernels. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I want it to be better than the iPad, but it just isn't. And until developers take Android tablets seriously and make proper apps for them, it never will be. It's the sad reality.
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    I'm really happy with my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Its a great boys toy

    Unsure of how it compares to the iPad.
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    While Android handsets are a far superior option to iPhones for a lot of people, I still think the iPad line is the best line of tablets currently available. iOS is leagues ahead of Android when it comes to tablet optimised apps, isn't a victim of fragmentation which is still quite prevalent in Android's tablet ecosystem, and continues to run the latest versions of the OS without issues on comparatively modest specs. There's certainly nothing wrong with the high end Android tabs out there, I personally don't see much of an advantage outside of having extreme customisability.
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    A lot of people don't want the customisation for a tablet. They want everything perfectly optimised like the iPad, even if apps cost more or aren't free at all.
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    I love and use my Galaxy Tab 10.1 religiously.

    But the new iPad is almost definitely the best tablet available, for a host of reasons Gofre mentioned.
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    It depends what you want to use your tablet for.

    For browsing the net, facebook, youtube videos, music, watching movies, then android is better.

    for games, and dedicated apps, then the ipad is better.
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    it seems that still more people support iPad 2. i personally think ios outweights android system.
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    Depends on the model of the Android tablet.

    Best bet for actual productive use is Windows 8 tablets. Specifically Surface when Windows 8 launches later this year.
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    The Google Nexus 7 does make a very nice alternative if you have a non-apple-compatible budget.
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    (Original post by cakefish)
    Depends on the model of the Android tablet.

    Best bet for actual productive use is Windows 8 tablets. Specifically Surface when Windows 8 launches later this year.
    you just remind me the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora Android 4.0 Tablet PC.
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    My ipad 3 is a lot better than the Asus transformer I used to own. Apple are definitely better in the tablet world.

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my GT-I9300
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    for now apple has the advantage expect that to change in the future though.
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    I'd have to agree that the iPad is better than most tablets running variants of Android OS, but I still returned mine after a week of usage and am waiting for the N7 to be released.
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    I have an iPad 3 and a Samsung Galaxy 7.7, briefly tried out the Galaxy 10.1.... no contest the iPad is better than both except the Samsung tend to have lighter weight and feel better balanced than the iPad.

    Apps, generally these days most apps are available across all platforms and if it doesn't exist there usually is an alternative that is every bit as good.
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    I finally bought Galaxy Tab 10.1. I hope I would get along well with it.


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