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Using the London Underground

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    (Original post by py0alb)
    Its not, its the easiest thing in the world.

    You try the NY subway, thats scary the first time. There are no ****ing maps anywhere.
    I've lived in London for three years and never had trouble with the Underground, even the first time I ever used it. I went to NYC quite confident that I could use the Subway just fine and overshot my station by about 4 stops the first time I used it :eek: It's only because some American woman saw us looking at the station list confused that we found our way. It certainly is poorly signed, half the time you don't even know what bloody train is coming into the station. Then again it is 24/7 which is nice although some of the stations are so sketchy.
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    Thanks for the advice everyone.
    Day travel card for zones 1 & 2 was 7 quid, which was cheaper than I expected. And evidently I made it home alive!


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